Who are The Shift?

Phil Hall- Avatar

Managing Director- Elzware. ROLE ::

Project Manager and Consultant for The Shift

ELZWARE makes websites and other digital content. They conceive and create conversational systems, systems designed to enhance visitor interaction with your website. They are “people who really understand the Internet. How it works. How users are motivated. How fast it’s growing. Why it’s growing. Where it’s going.“Back in the real world, we’re based in Bristol. Our team includes linguists, academics, virtual world specialists, gamers, surfers and more.


Dr Lizzie Jackson

Academic Development Manager:

Applied Research with responsibility for the Undergraduate Production Courses- Ravensbourne

Specialties Consultancy in the management of online communities. Research on social and participatory media (including virtual worlds), broadcast presentation within interactive television, media consoles and multi-platform content. Lecturing and training in online community, social and participatory media.


Anna Peachey

Eygus Ltd

Anna Peachey moved into online education (from university lecturing) in 1999, working with a range of student communities in forums. She continues to be fascinated by the opportunities created when technology and education come together and currently manages her own business as a Learning Technologist, specialising in development, management and delivery of elearning for Design, STEM and Business Management. Anna established and managed The Open University’s Virtual Worlds Project in Second Life, has published a wide range of academic texts on activity in virtual worlds and is Editor-in-Chief of the Springer book series on Immersive Environments. She recently finished a four-year contract as a Teaching Fellow with The Open University, researching identity and community in virtual worlds.


Dr Mark Childs

Mark Childs is a Senior Research Fellow for Elearning at Coventry University. Since 1997 he has worked on more than 30 projects involving technology-supported learning; as a researcher, consultant, evaluator, manager and principal investigator, at Coventry and in previous posts at the Universities of Wolverhampton and Warwick. In 2010 he was awarded a PhD from the University of Warwick for his thesis on Learners’ Experiences in Virtual Worlds. Mark also works as a freelance education consultant and evaluator for a range of private and public sector organisations.  His research interests include telepresence, digital personhood, virtual teamworking and embodiment and identity in all forms of synchronous online communication, but particularly the role of avatars and bots in facilitating learning and performance in virtual worlds.


Poppy Rushka Jones

Social Media, Marketing and Events Apprentice-

Ravensbourne, Creative Process

Poppy is a young creative with the potential of representing the voice of youths and NEETs of today. In position of several arts and media related Level 3 qualifications Poppy has been employed as a digital apprentice for The Shift Project. Expressing and articulating an active interest in youth culture, Poppy is able to represent The Shift through social media outlets as well as help market the workshops to her peer group. Whilst studying an apprenticeship part of her course involves completing work competence and digital web design units. Poppy’s schedule consists of 1 day apprenticeship training and 4 days of work with The Shift. Poppy is to stay with us for a year during her apprenticeship, from May 2012 to May 2013. In free time her she is building up a portfolio to as a freelance videographer by volunteering a helping hand as a production assistant to contacts she as name during her stay so far at Ravensbourne.


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