Introducing Ravensbot…

As part of our Conversational Learning platform we are going to include aid from Artificial Intelligence. Our very own Phil Hal  has had years of experience developing such virtual learning assistants with projects taking place at Elzware . This teaching bot will have the capability to guide the learner as to where to go to next. And provide them with learning objectives and resources obtained from online databases. The potential choices are generated by a pattern-matching database, which has been organised by the team from an academic , designer, facilitator and technical perspectives.

As the element of our Conversational Learning platform is user designed by our young participants at our workshops the learning facilitators personality, appearance and actions are defined by them. In the past our workshops have been oriented around anticipating problems or questions our participants will be asking as well as designing the “bot” in itself.

Above you can see some initial designs one of our Ravensbourne BA (Hons) Animation student came up with as a projected learning facilitator character which he presumed our target audience would feel comfortable interacting with.

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