About The Shift

Lets talk about The Shift…

The Shift is an on-going educational project hosted at Ravensbourne and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Although the projects aims are based in learning and teaching we are creating a new Conversational Learning Experience like never seen before. This is constructed of a user-centred design processes and creative research methods. Whereby we organise creative workshops marketed at youths aged 15-21 and source ideas from them about their ideal learning platform.

This project aims to help counteract the unemployment pandemic and help youths not in education, employment or training (often referred to as NEETs) back into the work or education sectors.

We seek to create a motivational, informal online learning environment, which encourages NEETs and other youths to learn entry-level digital, creative and career skills: with the help of our artificial intelligence along the way. Through the means of our learning facilitator Ravensbot

The Conversational Learning Environment will provide something that is much more familiar to young learners than other online or face to face learning experiences. Through Gamification of learning It will mirror the kind of environment they inhabit and experience online in their everyday lives (such as Quake, Spotify, or World of Warcraft). The learning experience will be tied to direct personal outcomes and directly match to companies who can provide entry-level jobs.

Another way are actively helping young people with their futures as we frequently employ Ravensbourne’s  own students to help us with various aspects of the project from the build and artistic input of the platform to DJing at our workshops.

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